We want to know

We are getting ready to launch something big, but first we need to hear from our people. We’ve asked on social media and received an incredible response. For those just joining or looking at our website, please let us know…..What is community to you? There’s no wrong answer! One word, two, three…a sentence….do what you […]

Product Line Mission

Suzanne Barr Food will operate as a B-corp performing to meet the highest standards of environmental and social transparency. Engaging in a growing industry that seeks the importance of educating the next generation of female entrepreneurs within the food consumer product line. Suzanne Barr Food is committed to supporting and working with communities locally and […]

Tao of Po Podcast

The Tao of Po is a space for the deep, the real, the raw, and the potentially hilarious and irreverent. In this podcast we explore the the magic of life and the beauty of being human. Weekly episodes include real ass convos with guests, inner child alchemy sessions, and transmissions from my heart. Join me […]

Today’s Special: 20 Leading Chefs Choose 100 Emerging Chefs

Be ahead of the curve and get to know 100 of the most exciting rising-star chefs from around the world, as selected by 20 global culinary masters – featuring more than 300 recipes and 500 images. The international dining scene is a vast, ever-shifting landscape, and Today’s Special is perfectly positioned to help readers to […]