When creating the package of love that is our Membership, we realized that the recipes that spoke to us weren’t quick ones. They weren’t fast food recipes, they were a possible labor of love.
Truly, as Chef Suzanne Barr uses cooking as her love language.

These recipes are meant to give you that SLOW DOWN that we all need. They are meant to make your time intentional. For you to think about the culture being represented in the meal you’re making. Think about your connection if any to it. Think about their voice, about their struggle, but also to celebrate all of it. Celebrate your time, your struggle, your connection to the things, places and people that you love.

Celebrate your ancestors (even if they weren’t noble), you’re here, you are LOVE, you are worthy of slowing down and giving your mind, body, plate some attention.

All of 2023 and up to the present, all of us at Suzanne Barr Food kept being told in various ways, to slow down.

Be intentional with our energy, with what we eat, who we spend time with, what we focus on.

Through that, the birth of these recipes were born.

Each month the recipes are intended to speak to all of us in whatever way we can hear.

So we hope that you join us with this practice of slow down and listening. Listen to what your body is saying when you eat nourishing foods, when you listen to music that makes you move, music that makes you feel inspired, motivated, alive!

Listen to your heart/the voice inside speaking gentle and loving words. It’s there…

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Cheers Fam!

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