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Suzanne Barr, the visionary force behind Suzanne Barr Food, is not just an Award-Winning Chef, but a culinary luminary whose journey embodies a profound commitment to community, advocacy, and cultural celebration (identity). After the closure of True True Diner in 2020, Suzanne embarked on a new chapter, channeling her passion into a vibrant online community and strategic brand partnerships. This evolution birthed Suzanne Barr Food, a dynamic platform that transcends traditional culinary boundaries to encompass editorial content creation, public speaking, workshops, cooking demos, brand partnerships, recipe development, and consulting services.

new beginnings

Introducing a new collaboration between Chef Suzanne Barr And Jessi Cornett of Red Sky At Nite 

In 2023, Suzanne’s journey led her to Miami, Florida, where she forged a transformative partnership with Jessi Cornett of Red Sky at Nite.

Together, we’ve merged our individual passions into one shared purpose: advocating, educating in decolonization, and amplifying the voices that are often silenced. 

With ongoing consulting services, brand partnerships, and culinary experiences, Suzanne Barr Food expands to new possibilities. Our services are event-based, including online cook-alongs, public speaking engagements, and sharing knowledge of recipe origins. 

We enjoy intergrating art and music into our events and work, enhancing the sensory experience and cultural immersion. 

We believe that food is an expression of love and a catalyst for change. Together, through food, community, and love, we can reshape our world

Chef Suzanne Barr

Suzanne Barr Food

Jessi Cornett

Red Sky at Nite

Introducing our monthly membership

Each month you will receive a loving package of 6 recipes, a well curated playlist to listen to while cooking, eating or chilling alone or with loves.

You have an option of getting the next tier which comes with prep lists, menu and this month a second playlist! 
Each recipe gives some knowledge on the dish’s connection to the land, people, origin

This month we focus on LIBERATION. We are demanding Liberation for ALL.

Whether it’s a past or current conflict, we are stirring the pot, inviting you to our table, welcoming you to the movement using food and love as the connector