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In 2020, post True True diner’s closure, Chef Suzanne ventured into a continued journey with her online community and brand partnerships which supported the launch of Suzanne Barr Food. Her career in Toronto’s expansive food scene inspired her to offer editorial content creation, public speaking, workshops, cooking demos, brand partnerships, recipe development, and consulting services. A journey, reigniting her passion for mentorship, advocacy, and sharing her culinary expertise.

new beginnings

Introducing a new collaboration between Chef Suzanne Barr And Jessi Cornett of Red Sky At Nite 

We’ve set out on an exciting exploration, merging our individual passions into one shared purpose.

With ongoing consulting services, brand partnerships and culinary experiences, the brand expands to new possibilities. 

We believe food is an expression of love and a catalyst for change.

Together, through food, community, and love, we can reshape our world.

Chef Suzanne Barr

Suzanne Barr Food

Jessi Cornett

Red Sky at Nite

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Culinary enrichment – online classes, shareable recipes, how-to videos, events, and e-cookbooks filled with delights!

Join us on this culinary journey.

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