Manifesting liberation

When feeling like all the ways of resistance isn’t enough and you are starting to feel helpless and hopeless…..

Why not try to manifest liberation?

Some people believe if you focus on something every day for at least 30 seconds, you can manifest it. We’ve added this form of resistance to our practice and wanted to share it with you.

How to do it?

Set a timer for 30 seconds (as time goes on, you may go over a minute or more and that’s fine, the point is to focus for at least 30 seconds or more).

Sit somewhere quiet, where you can’t be interrupted.

Either close your eyes or fix them on a point on the wall.

State the land or people that you are focusing on.

You can go off of the example that we give here or create one that works best for you. This is what some of us do.

Start by saying “Land/People” are free! They are healing. They are finding their people and sharing beautiful meals and moments. They are learning how to be free people. They are autonomous. They are thriving. They are free. They are grieving and mourning in the way that is appropriate for them. They are rebuilding. They are returning home. They are free. They are thriving. They are healing. They know what their people need and they have control over their land and their rights. No outside interference is there, only love and support. The people or land is free, they are thriving and healing.”

This is just an example of what you can say.

If possible, think about what it would feel like when the thing you hope to manifest happens. What will the feeling be? What will the look on the people’s faces be? What will the coming months, years, decades look like? There really is no limit to this practice.

Let your heart and hopes guide you.

We concentrate on about 4-5 different places and people at this moment. This is sure to grow as we learn and understand more of what is happening in all the places of the world.

It’s good to send love and gratitude to the people as well.

Another thing to note, when doing this practice, make sure to state the positive things, don’t say anything like “There’s no…..” or “I hope to see” or let any roadblocks hinder the flow.

Only imagine the hopeful event/situations to happen. Act and imagine as if the thing you want is possible, because it is.

Please do this daily

In love and resistance!

SBF Team

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