Food and Love as an act of Resistance

Hey Fam. During these challenging times, when things seem out of our control, we turn to music and food.

What about you?

When Chef Suzanne Barr needs to reconnect, advocate, ruminate, show some love, or create she heads to the kitchen.

Cooking is her love language.

Here at Suzanne Barr Food, we’ve been having deep talks within ourselves and our ancestors. Witnessing the various genocides and conflicts around the globe has us feeling LOTS of things. The way to address, fight, learn, unlearn and find our part in these conflicts looks differently for everyone.

From these meaningful conversations, we’ve been called to create a monthly collection of recipes, songs, stories all as a sort of prayer or meditation towards collective liberation.

In fact, the first month is ALL about Liberation.

Let love and food empower us as we savor delightful cuisine and champion liberation through the art of cooking

Join us in embracing the sounds of freedom, solidarity, and independence as we cook up change. With your monthly membership, gain access to the Volume 1 – Liberation Playlist, symbolizing our collective journey towards true freedom.

Here’s a sneak peak into the menu that is provided in our Membership Package: Hell Yeah.

These flags represent the lands, people, cultures that are presented in this month’s Recipe Collection.

Get Inspired